Benefits of Braces for Kids in the Bay Area

Benefits of Braces for Kids in the Bay Area

Children who have major teeth alignment issues can face problems beyond appearance. A child with dental misalignment’s can develop difficulties in chewing food, enunciating while talking, and brushing and flossing teeth leading to deep cavities or gum disease.

If you suspect your child’s teeth are misaligned, it is recommended to immediately get him/her examined by your orthodontist. Located in Martinez, the Harper Orthodontic team can offer your child a free evaluation. Depending on the findings, we may recommend:

  • Starting treatment immediately
  • Coming back for evaluation in a year or so
  • No treatment is needed


What are the Benefits of Braces for Children?

Today, many children in East Bay will need some type of orthodontic treatment. These treatments can offer multiple benefits for your child’s oral health, including:

  • Realigning the primary teeth to make room for larger permanent teeth
  • Changing the growth or the position of the jaw
  • Ability to eat nutritious foods such as raw vegetables and fruits
  • Preventing speech problems caused by dental malocclusions
  • Making it easier to brush and floss teeth
  • Avoiding gingivitis or halitosis
  • Preventing bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorder
  • Increasing a child’s self-esteem
  • Reducing problems from sores in the interior cheeks from misaligned teeth
  • Making it easier to wear mouth guards while playing sports
  • Protecting the sensitive alveolar bones in the mouth


What are the Different Types of Braces for Kids?

There are a few different types of braces for children, including the traditional metal brackets and wires. Younger children often wear these types of braces, and modern metal braces have smaller brackets and thinner wires. However, if your child is worried about wearing braces that others can see, then there are other options.

Dr. Harper can place the brackets on the backs of the teeth, or you can request ceramic brackets that are clear. Children must use more precautions when eating and drinking with ceramic brackets so the items aren’t easily stained. All of these types of braces require routine orthodontic office visits to tighten the wires.

When you want to reduce your orthodontic office visits, you can select self-ligating braces that adjust without manual tightening.

Why get them now?

You might think it’s okay to wait until your children are teenagers to learn if they need braces, but it is better to have an early evaluation from an orthodontist. Your routine dentist can recommend an orthodontist so your younger children can have an examination as soon as possible. In addition to taking facial X-rays to see your child’s teeth, your orthodontist can check the size of your child’s palate and jaw. If your child has jaw, palate or other facial abnormalities, these problems are easier to repair during childhood when the bones are soft and malleable.

Get In Touch with Us for More Information

To learn more about the benefits of braces for children, feel free to reach out and make an appointment with Harper Orthodontics. At our convenient location in Martinez, our caring and dedicated team will be happy to explain your options in full and answer any questions you may have!